Hang ‘Em Up to Dry

Really I mean hang ’em upside down.

The hydrangeas are gorgeous blue and will stay that way when dry.

This keeps the stems from bending and the heads from flopping.

A celing full of these flowers hanging upside down would be stunning for a party or wedding.

I just wrap a rubber band loosely around a handful of stems and hang them in a dark, dry spot.

Hang on for a week or so and the blossoms will be crispy.

I plan to use this group of dried hydrangea in a mantle arrangement this summer.

Almost ready for display.

They add a nice touch of color.

These shriveled a little because I cut them late.

What things do you preserve?

One response to “Hang ‘Em Up to Dry

  1. WOW, they’re beautiful!!! thanks for the link :)

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