Brown to Wow

I tried to sell this old shelf at a yard sale.

Some pieces of furniture just have an old-fashioned feeling.

This intricately cut corner shelf is from another era.

This little corner shelf in a dark brown wood tone couldn’t be more vintage.  It belonged to Charlie’s grandmother.

Primed white so the topcoat will adhere.

We don’t have many inside corners in the house that would make this shelf usuable but I decided to paint it anyway. I gave it a coat of white spray primer.

I covered the black shepherd’s crook with a plastic bag so it wouldn’t become yellow along with the shelves.

Hanging the piece on a hook outside made spraying it much, much easier to hit all the nooks and crannies with a few light coats of spray yellow.

Yellow to brighten up a dark corner.

We’ll hang it in the Cottage bathroom for the time being.

I’ll be looking for some small but interesting objets to surprise bathroom users when they close the door.

How do you update old stuff?

5 responses to “Brown to Wow

  1. What brand/color spray paint did you use?

  2. You’ve got me thinking about updating the color on my Nana’s old secretary piece. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • I also have an old secretary which I definitely plan to paint. I’ve narrowed the color down to navy or bright yellow. I know it will be an intricate job but totally worth it. Jo

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