New and Powerful Enterprise

Our son has decided that this is the summer he’s going to start his own business.  During the year he’s in college studying business but when classes are over he’s embarking on a powerwashing business: sidewalks, decks and driveways.  He’s purchased a powerwasher (also called a pressure washer) and eagerly started.

Son inspecting his new money-making machine.

He had some practice on the terrace and porch at The Glade. 

The pressure washer and accoutrements

His next area was the front walkway which is made of brick in a herringbone pattern.

Unfortunately the machine needs some repairs but gratefully is still under warranty.

Son along with Charlie thus far has been quite successful in the short interim he’s been in business pressure washing decks, patios, mobile homes, and the like. 

Oil and gas are expenses that must be tracked.

I hope he has a great time in his first entreprenureal enterprise.

Do you have a side gig that brings in an additional income stream? Any advice for the young man? (Not that he really wants advice.)

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