Kill the Tiger

I know many of you love these orange flowers.

These orange lilies grow wild and freely spread in our neighborhood.

Since our neighbors have tons of them and we pull up all that grow in our yard I thought I should learn a little more about these 2-1/2 to 3-foot flowering plants.

Hemerocallis fulva are virulent weeds.

I had always called them tiger lilies but it seems this name is given to lots of different orange lily-shaped flowers.

Our neighbors across the street grow these orange lilies along the perimeter of their property.

Apparently the ones that grow wild near and at The Glade are Hemerocallis fulva known as ditch lilies which is perfect because we’re ditching all the ones that grow in our yard.

At The Glade we remove by the roots every ditch lily we see.  These are the next to go, go GO!

Some we have found homes for but the rest are being removed and trashed.

Do you have undesirables in your neighborhood?

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