Sunday Summary

Back here I told you I couldn’t fit into my fat dress. Well, 2 weeks later I can.

My dress is out-of-fashion and tight but at least I can button it.

Back here I talked about our son getting his car fixed. Last Sunday it was stolen from a street parking space in Baltimore’s Harbor East in broad daylight.

The Olds has been stolen.

Charlie set up the 25-foot ladder so I could take an aerial view of his garden.  My usual vantage from an upstairs window is now blocked by an air conditioner.

For a sense of scale, the gardener in his garden.

Finally, my car needed some air in the tires.

The tires looked low to me so Charlie topped them off with some free air.

And I finished a project that has taken waaaay toooo loooong. Check in tomorrow.

What odd jobs are you catching up on?

One response to “Sunday Summary

  1. Wow – that is a lot going on!! First off congrats on losing weight!! That always gives a lady a sense of achievement and that little bit of extra confidence!! ;) Bad news about the stolen car :( Looking forward to hear what task you finished!! :) **

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