Shell It Out

My boys are greens lovers. Every year we plant some kind of green leafy vegetable:  spinach, Swiss chard, etc. The boys especially love collard greens which grow well in our garden beginning in April.

Collards grow abundantly.

The problem is that slugs seem to like our collards as much as we do. Thus the lacy look of the collard leaves in June.

Still edible but not as appealing, slug-eaten collard greens.

 It seems, however, that gooey, slimy slugs don’t care to slither over eggshells.

Pale blue fresh eggs.

To that end Charlie has saved, washed, and crushed our eggshells to surround a new, smaller crop of collard greens.

Even though these new plants are tender morsels it seems the slugs are leaving them alone.

The new crop of collards is doing better thanks to a border of egg shells.

My frugal self likes things that have a secondary use.

Do you have any non-toxic reusable items?

3 responses to “Shell It Out

  1. I’m off to the allotment now to spread some egg shells and hunt for hiding slugs! How did your copper wire barrier work out?

    • Charlie says the copper wire barrier was a total waste of time but he’s still saving eggshells and sprinkling them around pertinent crops, i.e. the ones where the leaves are the harvest. Jo

  2. That’s a pity, I had high hopes for the copper wire! I’m going to try cat litter next. Thanks for the reply, Jo!

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