Hydrangea Hedge

Last fall we moved our Nikko blue hydrangea bushes out of the way of our planned new construction.

Hydrangea bushes transplanted in the Fall of 2011.

And the move has suited them well. They grow on the east side of the house among the lily of the valley and periwinkle.

The transplanted hydrangeas are blooming on the east side of the house which is mostly shaded.

They’re bound to fill out in the future but their blooms are as blue as ever. The blue tendency comes from the type of hydrangea as well as the acidity of the soil.  Under all the oak trees our soil is acidic. 

One flowerhead is about 6 inches in diameter.

Hydrangeas make great cut flowers as well as dried flowers. They tend to dry the color they are when picked.

The bushes are loaded with true blue blooms.

I love these old-fashioned blue flowers. 

I’ll picked some for now and dry some for later.

Probably because they’re my favorite color and not many flowers can make that claim.

What’s your favorite flower color?

One response to “Hydrangea Hedge

  1. I had 3 hydrangeas as my wedding bouquet. I love the texture bit simplicity of them. I’ll have to add some to my garden.

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