The (Sun) Gold Standard

Last week we were bemoaning the fact that we only had one Sun Gold tomato plant. 

Our lone Sun Gold.

Then we bought 5 more from a roadside stand and scattered them around the garden.

Sun Golds ended up in various squares in the garden even after giving some away.

They were also selling them at MOMs (My Organic Market) but we had plenty. Then yesterday our farmer friend sent us 4 gorgeous Sun Gold tomato plants.  The question was where to put them since Charlie had already planted our quota (16 plants) of tomatoes.

The peas and collards were removed from Square 3.

We couldn’t just chuck these new plants so Charlie cleared out the collards and sugar snap peas (both of these crops were almost spent)  from square #3 if you’re keeping track and planted four more Sun Gold tomato plants.

Four Sun Gold tomato plants awaiting cages and/or staking.

We thought we had used up all of our tomato cages and the fencing we use to make them but Charlie found a few more crushed ones in our “let’s-save-this” pile. (Seeee, sometimes things do come in handy.)

Charlie puts the finishing touch on a new bamboo tomato teepee.

We’ll be swimming in little orange tomatoes pretty soon.  As a matter of fact we both ate our first one on the first of June.

The most flavorful tomato I’ve ever eaten – Sungold

Suddenly we have more than enough.

Do you have an abundance of a good thing? Bad thing? Something? Anything?

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