Can You Handle That?

We use our wheelbarrow for just about everything: hauling firewood, hauling compost, hauling pulled weeds, hauling .  .  . well you get the picture.

Did I mention wood chips?

Last week I don’t know exactly what was being hauled when one of the handles broke. (We never put the wheelbarrow under shelter so the wood handles had weathered.)

The near handle in the photo snapped.

After searching around we found that you can buy the individual parts of a wheelbarrow. (Last year we replaced the tire with one that does not require air to be inflated.)

This tire never needs inflating.

Charlie bought 2 ash-wood handles from the Home Depot at about $14 EACH!

New handles need to be drilled so don’t throw the old handles away.

He also bought new carriage bolts to hold the handles on since the old ones were a rusty mess.

Mark the handles left and right because the holes are slightly different.

We found out the hard way that it’s really easy to put a wheelbarrow back together the wrong way. There are multiple mistakes that can be made, for example the frames can be bolted on backwards but it won’t really fit.

Wheelbarrows are more complicated than I thought.

Besides the bucket of the wheelbarrow the only thing he didn’t find were the 2 wood wedges that gave the handles the correct angle.

New handles affixed.

He carefully took the old pieces off and replaced the broken bits with new handles and new bolts.

The wheelbarrow is loaded again.

The wheel barrow is ready to haul again.

Do you repair or replace broken tools?

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