It’s a Struggle

I’ve been struggling with my weight as you know from these obnoxious posts (also here and here). In the past 2 years I’ve had both shoulders repaired and now I need some knee surgery. But now I’m back in the gym even though walking has become difficult.  

My gym shoes have orthotics that help my balance.

Recently I read a post by Jami at An Oregon Cottage who has a seemingly effortless way to get on the right track in terms of eating and losing weight.

Smaller portions is a key to maintaining weight.

She’ll be posting about her method and success and I’ll be following her. I started on Memorial Day to eat less. I’ve also made a commitment to go to the gym 5 days a week as was my custom before the second shoulder surgery.

The free weight room at my gym.

I won’t harp on this new plan but it won’t be easy because Charlie and son are both slender and they eat lots of unhealthy snacks which I must NOT EAT.

Limit but don’t eliminate treats.

I can’t let stress, other people or myself sabotage my efforts.  My rude awakening came this past weekend when I took out my “fat” dress and couldn’t button it. That can’t happen anymore.

What changes are you making?

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