Bold as Brass

I found a dirty plastic bag containing 6 brass drawer pulls.

6 genuine heavyweight brass drawer pulls

They were pretty nasty — filthy dirty.

They were scummy inside and outside.

I soaked them in some granular dishwasher detergent dissolved in hot water which became discolored immediately.  Then I got out the Brasso and an old toothbrush and gave them a scrub.

Drawer pulls are clean but still have appearance of age and usage.

Now I need four more drawer pulls that go with these.

I carry one around just in case I see something that goes with it.

They’ll get their patina back over time minus the dirt.

Are you mellow?

2 responses to “Bold as Brass

  1. They cleaned up really well! My wife uses a cleaner called “Bar Keepers Friend” it works great!

    • I’d like to try that. We’re thinking of getting some stainless countertops, sounds like a good product for those also. Jo

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