Squashed Tomato Plans

Our favorite (by far) cherry tomato is the Sun Gold.

Sungold tomatoes ripe on the vine

Our plan this year was to grow 2 squares of them — that’s 8 plants. Our plans went awry when our supplier, a farmer friend, was shorted on his delivery of seedlings.

A short supply of tomato starts.

He could only afford to give us 2 plants.

The fields are planted at the farm.

When I went to pick them up there were none. Oh, he had saved 2 for us but one of his assistants must have either planted them, pitched them, or pinched them for himself.  We found one small plant that had been dropped in his driveway (and obviously run over by something) which we are able to have and plant.

Our lone Sun Gold.

Charlie planted it right away even though we’re not sure it’s even a Sun Gold.

In the mean time Charlie and son bought another starter plant at the local farm stand called “Yellow Grape” which he also planted.

Sun Gold on the left and Yellow Grape on the right.

We’re still down 6 plants but we’re working on it. Next year we’ll just buy seeds and start them like we did the Pinks.

What are you working on?

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