Can’t Keep a Good Clematis Down

Back here I told you someone had shredded my clematis vines.

Not much left but it’s still alive!

But lookey here good old Henryi formed some flower buds.

Buds formed as the vine climbed up the signpost.

And began to grow .  .  .

The flower buds began to form.

and  grow.

A white clematis bud is as big as a child’s fist.

Two very large blossoms (7-inch diameter) and a dozen smaller (4-inch diameter) but elegant and  frilly ones appeared on the plant.

A large, pure white blossom.

What a delightful surprise.

The clematis vine has grown all the way out to the end of The Glade signpost.

Have you had any surprises lately?

3 responses to “Can’t Keep a Good Clematis Down

  1. Aaaah… this is lovely!!! :) **

  2. Thanks so much for dropping down to GA for a visit! You two have undertaken quite a job, but looks like some great progress is being made. Love gardens, not really a green thumb here, but enjoy the beauty!

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