Painting the Exterior Trim

In the photos of our window repairs it’s highly evident that the window trim and fascia at The Glade have been in need of painting for a few years now.

Dining room window trim needs to be scraped, primed and painted.

I could say I was waiting to find out exactly where the new additions were going so I wouldn’t paint something that was ultimately going to be covered or removed but really it’s just a difficult job that I wanted to put off as long as possible.

The bird's eye window and fascia are peeling.

The list of necessary items to be painted:

  • 1st and 2nd story window trim at back of house
  • fascia and eaves on both sides
  • 1st and second story trim on front of house
  • bird’s eye window and laundry window

Charlie does most of the outside work which requires climbing a ladder including cleaning and making small repairs to the gutters.

The peak of the roof is about 30 feet off the ground.

The truth is, however, that I’m more comfortable on a ladder than he.  In my younger days as a theatrical technician I spent a lot of time at the top of an A-frame extension ladder. And you already know I’m the painter girl so up the ladder I must go with a scraper, some primer and a can of white exterior trim paint and  my trusty paint brushes.

The scraping has begun.

When I arrived home Charlie was up on the ladder scraping the old paint from the window frames. Gotta love that.

What have you been putting off? It’s not too late, is it?

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