Working Our Way Around

Charlie did a lot of clean up on the right side of the shed removing tons of brush and weeds to create a garden we’re dedicating to our children.

An area with a lot of potential

Now he’s moving right around the yard and working on the left side of the shed where there are rogue Japanese maples, weedy chokecherries, and behemoth grapevines galore.

The trees are encroaching into the yard.

Over here we’re looking for some order to the chaos.

The left side is ready for a trim.

Charlie started chopping down straggly trees.

Some of the stuff that has been cleared.

Perhaps we could do some planting that would allow us to store some larger items out of the shed without seeing them from the rest of the yard. However, I’m really inspired by this shade garden photo. 


We have a surplus of hosta, lily of the valley, azalea and Japanese painted fern that we could plant here. Only a few important trees remain.

Cleared and ready for planning.

In the meantime I’ll go off about these weedy chokecherry trees that produce enough fruit to send out seeds all over the yard to implant even more weedy trees.

Chokecherry trees grow quickly (marked with yellow).

We find so many 6-inch to 2-foot trees every spring all over the yard that if we weren’t vigilant to mow them, cut them down or dig them up we’d have a forest of these trees.

Birds eat the fruit and spread the seeds.

All of the details for the chokecherry (Prunus virginiana) can be found at the USDA website. Apparently this tree has many positive attributes (the seeds , however, are highly poisonous) especially in the cultivated varieties.  We’re whittling down the population drastically at The Glade.  Our intention is to replace the chokecherries with Japanese red maples and dogwoods.

What weed makes you cringe?  How do you get rid of it?

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