The Books of THE Book

Jennifer at ILoveRehabs had a piece of artwork in her post about styling her bookshelves which I really loved.

I had 2 reasons for wanting a copy of it: my son would love it and it would make a great “certificate” for the young children at church memorizing the books of the Bible in order.

So Jennifer sent me a copy of her take on the same poster. I had it printed at Staples onto 11″ by 17″ paper for $2 (I had 2 made so $4.)  I wanted to frame one of them but had a difficult time finding a 11′ by 17″ frame for less than $15, out of my price range.

The art would work with a variety of frame colors.

I looked all around my “artwork” and some empty frames we had on hand at home and found a pair of tropical prints which I had never really cared for.

Old tropical print with goldleaf frame and rust-colored mat

While the frame was not exactly 11″ by 17″ it could accomodate the print with a little extra room on each side. 

Gold leaf frame

 I decided to spray the frame teal to match some of the writing and because I had teal spray paint on hand. 

Spray painted frame

On either side of the poster I added a thin orange ribbon.

Thin orange ribbon borders poster.

I tucked everyting back into the newly paint frame with cleaned glass.

The framed art ready to be hung.

This is a surprise Easter/birthday gift for my darling son who was born on Palm Sunday 30 years ago.

What’s your frugal answer to hanging art?

2 responses to “The Books of THE Book

  1. Looks great! I love the teal and orange. It gives it some depth. If you are looking for a cheap 11X17 frame check out walmart. They have a cheap one for 3.97. Its black but you can spray paint it. I like the way yours turned out better than mine! Thanks for the shout out! Happy Early Easter.

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