Muguet des Bois

You remember I took down this shelf (here) upon which were 3 vintage ceramic planters. 

Green glazed planters are approximately 7 inches long and 4 inches tall.

I got the idea from Rosekraft‘s blog to try to force some lily of the valley (convallaria) into bloom in the house.

Their bell-shaped flowers are extremely yet delicately fragrant.

Our lily of the valley grows mostly on the west side of the house and is plentiful enough to harvest a few pips before they sprout.

Lily of the Valley blooming last year in the east yard of The Glade

Lily of the valley is the birth flower for the month of May. The second part of its scientific name, Convallaria magalis, means “that which belongs to May.” By tradition, the French celebrate the first day of May by buying a bouquet or pot of the flowers from florists and street corner vendors.

Soft plastic pots are easy to cut with scissors.

After looking all over the yard we finally found some shoots of lily of the valley.

3-inch spears of lily of the valley just showing through the soil

 I cut down some old plastic pots to fit inside the planters, added some sprouting roots of lily of the valley then filled them with potting soil. I’ll top the planters with moss which is also abundant at The Glade.

Lily of the valley in vintage planters

It would be lovely if these would bloom in the house before May.

Have you tried any daring feats lately?

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5 responses to “Muguet des Bois

  1. You’ve inspired me to dig around in my mom’s shed and borrow some of my grandmama’s old ceramic planters.

  2. Oh, I just love your idea of planting some lily-of-the-valley indoors. My shoots are barely peeking out of the soil. I’m glad to be joining everyone this week for our garden party.

  3. Lillies indoors… I’m hoping they bloom for you. I will be following along to see the progress.

  4. Love the green ceramic containers–they will be lovely filled with lily of the valley!

  5. Best of luck!
    I’ll be following your progress….
    The pips look great in those ceramic planters.

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