A Little Woodsy Clean-up

Last summer I gave the Wee Little House a coat of stain.

The Wee Little House sits in a shady hollow.

This year the plan is to fix the door.

The door needs a total workover of clamping and painting.

I also wanted some of the brush and brambles removed from around the shed. Over the years it’s become overgrown and  a dumping place for garden equipment.

This photo taken last Spring shows the weeds and brambles on the shed's southern exposure.

I had the inspiration from Pinterest that a shed could be more than just a utility building.

But ours was surrounded by vines and weeds.

And for the most part was in the shade.

Charlie cleared out honeysuckle, wild raspberry, periwinkle and other weeds to plant some iris, day lilies and daffodils.

In the area to the right of the shed (where we took down a dead Japanese maple) are 2 small dogwood trees, daffodils, iris and day lilies.

He also cleared out some choke cherry trees and tulip poplar seedlings.

An area with a lot of potential

We’ve decided to dedicate this shady garden to our children.

The garden to the right of the shed has been cleared. Some sunny daffodils are blooming.

We’ll try to keep it going by adding some variegated liriope, daisies and hosta this year.

Have you made your vista more serene?

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