Time to Get the Lawn Furniture Out

Maybe the title of this post should be: IT’S SPRING! We stacked our lawn furniture in the cottage over the winter along with all sorts of projects.   The chaises are kept in the Wee Little House where we also keep garden tools and regular tools making it difficult to use them  during the winter.

Two chaises longues stand in the shed during the winter.

The chairs and tables are stored in the cottage.

The lawn furniture in the Cottage is in a jumble.

Some of it, the pieces with cushions, might stay in the cottage unless and until we need extra seating outside.

These white metal frames are used with the striped cushions at the right of the picture.

Last summer we used every bit of our outside furniture for a party.

Tables and chairs set up in the back yard.

This weekend anything that smacks of sitting in the yard or lounging on the terrace is coming out and getting a good dousing with soap and water.

Classic porch furniture

It’s soooo great that Spring is here. (I have a friend predicting snow two weeks from now.  I hope she’s WRONG!)

What’s your season?

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