Arm in a Sling Pinterest Project

Over at Young House Love Sherry threw out yet another Pinterest Challenge. This time she and her friends are only setting aside one week to get the deed done.  So I opened my Pinterest page “Jo’s Projects” to see what I could get involved in this past weekend.

Just pick one!

I would need a project for which I have most of the materials and something I could accomplish with my left arm in a sling. I also write left-handed so it should not include fine motor skills like writing. I’m fairly ambidextrous with a can of spray paint, paintbrushes and scissors. (Am I working the sympathy vote too much?!) I zeroed in on some trays which I had purchased for a song at a rummage sale.

2 painted wooden trays

I use the smaller of the 2 almost everyday because it’s light (I can carry it with one hand) and it holds a plate and beverage (perfect for breakfast or a snack).

This inspiration tray which I saw on Pigtown Designs seemed ideal.

I sanded the small tray on all sides then spray painted it with Krylon Regal Blue which I would describe as a bright navy blue.

Regal Blue by Krylon Gloss Enamel finish

I took a piece of blue-on-white toile and tea dyed it to take away some of the harshness of the white background.  Then I starched it using a medium starch (1 cup liquid starch to 3 cups of water). I was hoping the starch would minimize fraying when I trimmed the fabric to the tray.

Tea-dyed toile on top

I  decided on the scene I wanted centered on the tray. I trimmed the fabric about an inch longer all around than the finished size and cut corners out of the fabric. I sprayed the wrong side of the fabric with spray adhesive.

Trim a square out of the corners of the fabric to remove bulk.

I let the whole thing dry then trimmed the fabric with a razor blade much like trimming wallpaper. Then (for good measure?) I covered the fabric with a layer of Modge Podge.

Press the fabric firmly into the corners.

Here’s the tray before.

The tray with hand-painted fruit.

The tray “after” has a plexiglass insert to keep the fabric clean.

The newly updated tray is about 9" by 12".

And here it is ready for use.

The tray in service.

I can’t wait to use it for breakfast tomorrow.

What’re you having for breakfast?

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7 responses to “Arm in a Sling Pinterest Project

  1. I Love this!!! :D I should definitely see what Pinterest is about… I see a lot of people “addicted” to it!!! :) **

    • Thanks for the good words. Pinterest is interesting. I use it mostly to look up specific things (meaning I don’t surf) in conjunction with Google images one can find a picture of almost anything. Jo

  2. Such a clever idea! Pinned!

  3. That’s fantastic. Scary to think what you could do with TWO hands! :-) (visiting from YHL)

  4. I love this! I’m so impressed that you managed to do it with one hand!

  5. thanks for the mention! the tray is from the amazing bryan batt’s shop in new orleans! it’s his toile de new orleans.

    hope your arm is better soon.


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