Too Exotic? Too Elegant?

When we received the preliminary sketches of the architect’s design for expanding the Glade included were front, side, and rear elevations. As I showed you here we would like to have an uncovered porch, also called our “rooftop terrace” on the plans, just outside the master bedroom.

Rooftop terrace at back of house outside Master Suite

 How delighted was I to see the railing of the terrace drawn in the Chinese Chippendale style! This style was invented by Thomas Chippendale, an English furniture and cabinetmaker, and was first published in a book of his work in 1754.  

From the backyard the Chinese Chip railing is elegant.

 My only hesitation is whether Chinese Chip is too fancy for the humble Glade after all it’s used on the upper story of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home in Virginia.

The style can be simplified.

Then I was driving to work and I saw that townhouses near us sport a bit of CC and I became more open-minded.

A simple Chinese Chip design.

Chinese Chippendale is really a style more than an actual design. 

Source: via Jo on Pinterest



I was convinced to go ahead and try it when I saw this fabulous tutorial on how this railing was designed, laid out, and built. The scale is very similar to our installation.

Source: via Jo on Pinterest


What’s your take? Are you a Chinese Chip fan? Is it too much for our little place?

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