Dear Architect

Following is a recent e-mail I sent to our architect after viewing the preliminary drawings and thinking about the changes to the rooms.  I’ve linked to posts which shed more detailed light on our decisions.


Here’s what we’re thinking for the renovations to The Glade: (1st floor, 2nd floor, outside)

1. Mud room – Plan B

Mud room Plan "B"

2. Kitchen – Plan A with added bow window as in attached drawing. We’d like to have a table in the kitchen and move the sink and dishwasher (and an undercounter fridge) to the counter between the living room and dining room.

Also, the ledge between the kitchen and the DR should be a little wider, not wide enough to eat on but maybe 10-12 inches.

Our revised kitchen plan has a bow window which allows for a round table, a central island and a counter between the kitchen and dining room where the wash-up sink, dishwasher, undercounter refrigerator and coffee prep area will be located.

3. Conservatory – Modified Plan B giving the bathroom an extra couple of feet into the conservatory. Reconfigure the closets.

One central French double door with a window on each side off the back of the conservatory, windows along the side.

Larger bathroom will allow for a different layout perhaps.

4. Living room – move door to center. No wraparound porch.

In Concept "B" the porch remains on the left and the front door is centered.

5. Master suite. Plan B closet as designed.

Plan "B" - Keep closet as is, extend bathroom to current wall (dotted line).

 Bathroom extended to current wall. One sink. Is it possible to have a bird’s eye in the bathroom on the driveway side and a conventional window in the closet? Conventional window on the back of the house in the bathroom. Place to sit to fix hair, make-up possibly next to the sink.

General size of the new bathroom but not necessarily the layout.

 I don’t know if I’ve hit all the issues but those are the ones we’ve thought through thus far.

Thanks for your work,


I can’t wait to hear the architect’s response.  I love being in on the design process.

Do you enjoy making decisions? BIG decisions? Or do you leave the details to the experts?

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