The Mystery of the Hinges of Notre Dame

The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris has many unique and exquisite attributes.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

 Even before entering the great stone edifice the doors grab attention.  Not the doors so much as the hinges.

The large wooden doors of Notre Dame swing on fabulous hinges.

  They are made from wrought iron by Biscornette who was a very mysterious worker. Legend has it no one ever saw him constructing the hinges. Reports went round that he had sold his soul to the devil to get him to help. The design is supposed to represent the Earthly Paradise.

Beautiful arabesque branches are the hinges of Notre Dame

  An iron master named Gaegart broke off fragments of the iron to try and figure out how Notre Dame’s hinges were created. Some experts think that they are cast, and then treated with a file; others say they must have been created solely by casting, with no soldering. In any case, the secret will never be divulged, it died with Biscornette.

Do you have a secret method for doing something?

6 responses to “The Mystery of the Hinges of Notre Dame

  1. :) Have been to paris! I love the Notre Dame doors!! :)

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  3. Wonderful post! I never heard about the hinges. What a great story.
    We went without a guide, perhaps that is why I didn’t learn about it…
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge! When I go back, I’ll know more about the hinges, thanks to you!

  4. I guess that’s how they created job security in those days. If you were the only one who knows how to do something that has a large market you don’t have to worry about competing for the job. :)

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