Happy New Year 2012!

We rang in the New Year last night with good friends who arrived at The Glade in a festive mood.

I try to wear a tiara on New Year's Eve.

 Two members of the royal court also showed up in their tiaras. 

The buffet table was spread with all manner of good food to keep us strengthened until the appointed hour.  I had prepared enough food for an army and as people arrived they came laden with cakes, cookies, and all sorts of goodies. 

Roast turkey breast and homemade cranberry sauce

  Our first order of business was an ice breaker.  Each person had to come up with a story which described the purpose of this thing.

I'm sure someone in the crowd will know exactly what it is.

 The men especially came up with great stories: a rat resusitator, a bull warning system, among others. (Apparently it is actually a car alarm.)  We  know some very imaginative people.

Buffet table awaiting punch

 I also decided that 2011 was the last year (for a while) I would be using red in the holiday decorations. 

Oranges, cranberries and candles in the living room

 Next Christmas I’m going to have a cool palette.  At least that’s the plan today when we can make plans and schemes and dreams and, yes, resolutions with the best intentions.

Pink flowered plates

We pray you’ll have the best year of your life. Thanks for reading “Let’s Face the Music”.

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