New Year’s Eve 2011: The Menu

I told you here that we were planning a New Year’s Eve Party which we have almost every year in one way or another.  Sometimes there’s only 1 guest and sometimes there are many. This year I’ve lost count of how many people are actually invited but at least ten of them are coming and so the menu planning and preparation are crucial.

I’ll be making everthing but the dessert for 2 reasons: 1.) we have some pies and cakes in the freezer which we could use and 2.) party guests will no doubt bring something along that line. When people ask me what they can bring I always say “you don’t have to bring anything” in a way that conveys “and I really mean it”. But my friends are a group of people who can’t arrive empty handed so I’m pretty much counting on them to provide the sweet treats of the party. I’ll have to let you know how that goes.

My seven layer salad looks remarkably like this one featured in Diane's Kitchen.

My intent is to make most of the food elements the day before the party so I can relax (and nap) on New Year’s Eve otherwise I might fall asleep before midnight.

Are you planning to “make it to midnight”? What are your odds?

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