Christmas: Traditions and Decisions

Time to start Christmas decorating 2011.

1. Charlie’s in favor of a live tree so we’ll definitely have one.  Where we’ll put it is always a discussion.  Last year it was in a space between dining room and living room.  That works for me because then I don’t have to rearrange furniture.

A place for the tree.

 2.  I was all set to decorate our mantle in a wintery way when I remembered I always put the large porcelain crèche on the mantle.  I have collected four or five crèches over the years and, for me, the visual reminder of the birth of Christ is my favorite decoration and says to me “Christmas is here!”

On the mantle

 3. Of course, I’m using our heirloom ceramic Christmas trees this year after I took the time and effort to update them here. I’d like to find an out-of-the-way place to display them since they take up a lot of room.  Maybe they should be the centerpiece for the dining room table except they need to be plugged in. Hmmmmm.

Silver, pewter and metallic charcoal will define this year's palette.

4. Outdoor decorations are Charlie’s domain. We have lots of strings of lights that are almost all malfunctioning (which we discovered when we tried to decorate with them last summer). One frustrating project will be to get the “blinking” lights working again. (And when I say “blinking” I don’t mean I want them to literally blink.

Delighted by the lights

 5.  New Year’s Eve Party! Make the guest list, plan the menu, clean the house.

Let's Party

   I love having friends visit so my empasis and energy is put to that purpose.  If some of the cleaning or decorating doesn’t happen, c’est la vie. 

Are you laden with plans or rejoicing in the season?

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