Let’s Spice Things Up

Kit at DIY Diva has a super tutorial for very clever spice jar labels with the label set up all ready to print.  You’ll remember I scored these spice jars at a church rummage sale.

6 spice jars in a rack

 Now is the time to label them and put them to use. I tried printing them on different colors and prints of paper but decided on shiny white labels so I printed her design onto photo paper.

These labels are ready to be printed

 I carefully trimmed the 6 I wanted.

Trimmed labels

 Then I discovered my bottles were a different shape and so needed the labels to be trimmed even more.  I added a stroke of highlighter to the name of the spice.

Ready for applying

 I sprayed the back of the label with spray adhesive (like the vanilla extract labels), and stuck them to the impeccably clean bottles (which I had run through the dishwasher along with the rack). First I tried 3 at a time which I don’t recommend because the labels need to be held down until the glue sets.  I suggest two at a time.

Labeled jars

 Now I don’t know whether or not to use the rack or store the jars in the cupboard.

Spice jars with labels and herbs

 You may have noticed that the rosemary jar is empty, that’s because the rosemary still needs to be collected and dried.

The rosemary is still in the garden.

 The rack makes moving the jars handy.  Still trying to decide if it needs a paint job and what color. “Herbal green” comes to mind.

Completed spice jar project.

I just need a place in the kitchen to show off this lovely, inspired-by-Pinterest project. Thanks, Kit!

Have you scored any good deals lately?

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4 responses to “Let’s Spice Things Up

  1. These look great. I love your take on it!

  2. It’s splendid. Well done.

  3. You did a great job!
    Pinterist in a great place for inspiration-
    now I need to get busy!

    I enjoyed visiting so much and I am a new follower.

    I linked to Thriftin Thursday also-

    White Spray Paint

  4. The labels on your spice jars are just perfect. I love the shape of the jars.

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