Music Candles

We are into music. Charlie is a piano player and has been working on one of my favorite pieces: Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin (which has about 28 pages). I thought it might be fun to musicalize some plain candles we have around the house a la Pottery Barn which sells pillar candles wrapped in sheet music. Gail from Can’t Stop Making Things has a great tutorial on how to replicate these candles.

I didn’t have the exact same supplies as Gail so I’m going to go about it another way. I do have on hand two (old) pillar candles.

3-wick pillar candle

 And I wanted one of the candles to have Rhapsody in Blue on it. Basically you can use any music that’s meaningful to you.  If you don’t have the sheet music on hand you can google any of the sheet music websites where you can usually print the first page of a song for free. Or, why not some French script?

I printed it not on tissue paper but on some old-fashioned pale blue airmail paper which is a very light weight paper that can be put through the printer or copy machine. Trim the paper to the size of the candle and wrap it tightly around the candle adhering it with small strips of double stick tape or glue.

Wrap the music (or any text) tightly around your candle.

Using a hair dryer, heat the candle and music until the wax permeates the paper. The first candle I heated lying on its side but found heating while it was standing in upright position gave a smoother finish.

Heat the outside of the candle with a hairdryer until the wax melts through and absorbs into the paper.

 The larger candle is covered with music from Gail’s website.  This all-over design really makes the candle look like the Pottery Barn model except mine are pale blue.

Large candle covered with music sheets on airmail stationery

 Here are two candles ready to light up the room.

Music candles

My technique improved with the second candle.  What’s your learning curve?  Do you put your own spin on instructions and recipes?

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2 responses to “Music Candles

  1. I love these! I come from a musical family too–people used to joke that we were the “Von Trapps.”

  2. These are so pretty! thank you for sharing and linking up!

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