Paris Pastry

Every bakery in Paris makes pastry. And I don’t just mean donuts and Danish.

What would you choose? One from column A and 2 from Column B and . . .

Even the non-spectacular looking things sound delish.

You can choose orange or lemon glazed Little Prince loaves.

 When Charlie and I saw the displays we were awed. 

Shop after shop had great sweets.

 It made choosing something (and you know we did choose) very challenging.

How many of these can you eat?

 In the same case as above are more goodies.

Having a dinner party?

  And more in the same case. 

Why would any normal human try to bake a cake?

 Even restaurants had a vast selection of choices.

Dessert tray in a bistrot

 Much to my surprise I never chose a lemon tart or Napoleon (the French don’t call them that). I was hooked on meringues and almond croissants and tiny brioche popovers sprinkled with large crystals of sugar. 

Cheesecake made with cow's milk cheese costs about $15.50 per pound.

  Charlie had crème brûlée or a piece of flan (custard pie) everywhere we went and had me convinced that this was almost a meal since eggs and milk are the main ingredients.

No foolin’, the French can cook!

What would you choose?

Sidebar: Did you know white sugar and white flour cause inflammation in the body? No wonder my legs ache. It’s not fair!!!!!!!!!! (Rant over. Thanks for letting me share.)

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