Removing the Remains

Charlie and son have been working diligently this week to remove the toppled trees that Tropical Storm Irene left in our back yard.

The debris from two oak trees which fell at The Glade.

It is a huge mess that will probably take months to clean up.

From a 2nd floor bedroom window, all the foliage on the left is part of the fallen oak trees.

 Passage behind the house was impossible.

The trees blocked passage at the back of the house.

 Fortunately the oil tank and rain barrel were not crushed.

The damage was minimal considering the size of the trees that fell.

 Passage behind the house was established on the first day.

In one morning Charlie and son cleared passage behind the house.

 An added bonus was that this scene went from this .  .  .

Clearing in the west side yard.

 to this.

This is only the beginning of the oak firewood we'll have for years to come.

Have you had anything good come from disaster?

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