Restoration Hardware Furniture Finishes

I really like Restoration Hardware’s furniture finishes.

French Empire Finish

Somehow they look both finished and unfinished at the same time. 

St. James Finish

 They’re also rugged and handsome.

Rosette Finish


Maison Finish

 We’re going to try to replicate one of these finishes on this vintage piece from Charlie’s family.

Vintage chest of drawers

 This is a wonderful piece that has unfortunately been left outside in the rain, then stored in a trailer and now ready to be refinished for our soon to be renovated bedroom. Note the lovely fluted pillars on the bottom half. Charlie and I will no doubt have a discussion about the Chippendale-style (flattened urn brass with a ball handle) drawer pulls. Ultimately this will be his dresser so I really want him to be pleased with the final product.

I’m definitely leaning toward one of the finishes above.  Do you have a favorite?

2 responses to “Restoration Hardware Furniture Finishes

  1. were you able to achieve the restoration hardware look? if so, how did you go about getting that finish. i’m new at this and have no idea where to start but would love to achieve the same look.

    • Kristi, we’re still in the process of stripping and sanding the old chest of drawers. When we get to the finishing step I’ll certainly tutorialize it here. I’m sure it will be a combination of stain and wax and maybe some thinned down paint (what I’d call a wash). Good luck with your projects. Jo

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