I told you about this ceiling fan here, how I painted the blades. If you recall, it looked like this.

Small Ceiling Fan

 And we had a grotesque not-quite-right lighting fixture we wanted to replace.

Celing Fixture

 So I went to choir practice and when I got home the old light was gone and in its place .  .  .

Mounted ceiling fan and light

 I have no idea how they (Doug and Charlie) did it, but it’s done. Yippee!! Now the blades need to be attached with screws we do not have. So early next morning I slipped over to Home Depot and bought .  .  .

Fan Motor Screw Kit - 10 screws, 10 lock washers

 They’re brass – the fan blades are gunmetal/pewter. But I tried them first to see if they would work and they did. The package costs about $2.

2 blades attached with new screws

 I attached the remaining 2 blades .  .  .

All 4 blades attached.

 And gave her a whirl – the GO in fandango.

The fan has 3 speeds and 2 directions.

 It really circulates the air in this large room.  Before installation I was concerned that 1.) the blades would not clear the ceiling beams and 2.) the fan would hang too low for a person to walk under.

The results:

  1. All clear
  2. All clear

As you can see, however, this saga is not over, thus the DANG in fandango. 

  1. The remaining brass color on the fan needs to be pewtered.
  2. The white motor housing needs some cleaning or spray painting.
  3. The light needs a covering (I hate the idea of a globe) that is not horrible.

A few more issues to address.

 Improvement or not? Can’t decide. Not sure. Still not a fan of ceiling fans.

Sidebar:  Now, of course, I want to paint the ceiling.

One response to “Fan-dango

  1. Hi Jo,
    Thanks for stepping by! Appreciate the paint suggestion. Your patio set turned out great! As for your fan, DIY is about baby steps. I’m sure you will come up with a creative covering idea. All my fans have a glass coverings. How about visiting Home Depot or Lowes and looking at their displays for inspiration, I hope they will grow on you.because they are a great alternative to running the AC.

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