It’s All a Facade

In the “10 Tasks in 10 Days” Challenge we had quite a few projects at Glade Cottage.

Cottage with new door, newly painted bell. Now for the trim!

Some of the most pressing were exterior painting.  We had already replaced the door but still needed to:

1. Scrape, prime and paint the white trim and

Scrape and paint cottage trim

2.  Paint the blue exterior accents the same color as the shutters on the main house.

Shutters on the house are Duron's "Thunder Grey"

 While Charlie was scraping he noticed the putty on the windows in the front really needed to be replaced so that meant some extra scraping and painting.

These windows need new putty and painting

 He scraped the trim

The loose paint has been well-scraped.

 and I came behind and primed and painted.

Window and door trim was painted on all sides of Glade Cottage.

And the one grey shingle I also painted. I know the more observant of you have been wondering what’s the dealeo.

For some unknown reason there is one grey shingle on the front of the cottage.

Finally I painted the blue panels on the front and side of the cottage Duron Thunder Grey with which we had painted the house shutters a few years ago.

One blue (Grey?) panel is partially painted. The new color is on the top.

So purty.

Door panels and under window painted "Thunder Grey" and grey shingle at corner of cottage now white.

I’m actually going to count our 2 original projects as 3 projects since we needed to reputty the windows: a job in itself.

Glade Cottage all trimmed up.


Cottage - Before


Now I want to live here.

And how ’bout a gratuitous shot of the side of the Cottage?

Even the side trim.

Have you ever started a project only to find a bigger one lurking under the surface?  And don’t you just hate that?

Sidebar: Stay tuned for a tutorial on puttying windows.  It’s not as easy as it looks but since we had 2 dozen panes to do we got better at it.

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