The Other Twin

I have a pair of twin beds from the late 1950s one of which I painted here when I recolored our little bedroom pink. The second bed is in the Cottage and also needs a little paint uplift.

Paint this bed!

 I wanted a color that would stand out against the newly painted Templeton Grey” wall.

Templeton Grey by Benjamin Moore

 I thought I had some paint left from painting the fireplace bricks in the living room which was sort of a sandy color but naturally I couldn’t find it. I also didn’t want to buy any paint so I mixed my own concoction of Mourning Dove (with which I painted the first bed) with Pond Moss (a free sampler from Valspar) and came up with what I’ll name Glade Pale Bamboo. It’s sort of a straw color with just a hint of chartreuse. I made just enough to cover the bed and not a brushstroke more. (I used a little foam roller for the flat areas.  It takes a few more coats but gives a nice even coverage.)

Glade Pale Bamboo

 And I sprayed the knobs on top first with Satin Nickel then a light overspray of Metallic Charcoal.

Bed is painted and back in place.

 Ultimately I’d like to paint a little seascape on the headboard but for now I’m going to call it “finished”.

Nighty, night!

 The old bedspread in the above photo must be for a double bed because it pools on the floor on both sides.

I donated that old bedspread and decided to use a comforter instead.

So both twins are painted. Cross that off your list!

What have you crossed off your list?  Did it come in pairs?

Sidebar:  Spoiler Alert!

And the bed side. How great does that blue look!!?

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