This Finish Leaves a Stain

Our Wee Little House (shed) needs to be restained. It’s losing it’s finish.

Notice how the stain has worn of the bottom.

 But before we begin staining we have to fill the holes made by carpenter bees. 

Holes to be filled.

 Wood filler is smeared in the holes.

Carpenter bee damage patched with wood filler.

 Then the wood filler needs to be sanded to create a smooth surface.

Sanded wood filler

Our plan is to give it one coat of Behr’s Drift Grey Semi-transparent stain.

Partially stained with an excellent match - can hardly tell what's been done and what hasn't.

 After the stain is dry we’re hanging some ladder hooks on the back of the shed to hang our large, aluminum extension ladder.

Ladder hooks on the back of the shed hold the 2-story extension ladder,

Finally I’ve touched up the trim with some white paint.

Shed Window Trim - Before

 And touched up.

The trim is primed and painted on the window.

Painting the door is an entire project in itself but that’s on the not to distant agenda also.

The shed door needs some attention.

 Here’s the Wee Little House with her new coat. 

Finally stained.

How’s she look? Do you have an outbuilding or even a fence that needs some brush love? No time like the present. Sad but true.

2 responses to “This Finish Leaves a Stain

  1. where did you find Behr drift grey stain?! I can’t find it anywhere!

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