Every so often I come across something that painting won’t improve.  Shocking! I know.  I’m the original “Hey, let’s paint it” girl. 

When I cleaned the shed, I discovered this little cabinet that I had brought to The Glade from my first house.  It’s been hanging here in the Wee Little House (our shed) since 1997.

Old cabinet hanging in shed for 14 years

 The cabinet was in the basement in my previous house when I moved in in 1984. I had never noticed it the 13 years I lived there until I moved out and decided to take it with me. 

Old Cabinet

 It’s well-made and I would guess at least 50, maybe 70+, years old.  When I look around at antique stores and flea markets, a little cabinet like this (if you can find one) costs $100-$150.  No kidding.

 It has a stenciled number both on the top

Stenciled number on top of cabinet -13472

 and inside the back. The same number.

Number inside - 13472

 There’s a lock on it that needs a key (I bet Bill could help me with that). I replaced the old ceramic knob with a little metal frog from Restoration Hardware.

Lock below Frog handle

 Wire mesh screen held on with little tacks covers the front.

Cabinet with door open

 I like this little cabinet and I found a great place for it:  in Glade Cottage right inside the door.  When the main house is fully renovated I might even find a place for it in there.

Cabinet with mesh screen door hanging just inside the door at Glade Cottage

Have you been saving something for years and years?  Is it time to pull it out and use it? What are you waiting for?

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