When we changed the cottage door Kathy noticed that we had taken down the bell.  All the trim at the cottage needed to be painted so I really forgot all about hanging the bell back up.

Black bell by old door

 Then I got to thinking that everything else had just been newly painted and the bell looked kind of shoddy.

Bell Before

 I asked for some help deciding on the color it should be.

Bell - After

Then I painted the bench and fell in love with Rustoleum’s Metallic Charcoal Grey.

Charcoal Metallic Spray Paint

 In order to renew the bell, Charlie hit it with the wire wheel on the drill.

Wire Wheel on a drill

 I bought a package of 4 different wire drill brushes because we have quite a few future projects for which they will be useful.

Black and Decker Wire Wheels

 After we smoothed out the surface with the wire wheel, I hung the bell on a branch and sprayed it with dark grey self-etching primer.

Primed Bell

 Another angle.

Bell with self-etching primer

 Finally I sprayed it with the Charcoal Metallic which gives it a heavier, more solid character. 

Metallic Charcoal Bell at Dusk

 And here’s the bell back in place at Glade Cottage just in case anyone comes calling.

Ring when you come by

 It’s these small projects that add to the personality of a place. 

In the morning light

 Have you put off a tiny project that would be great to get to now that the weather has turned nice?  Just asking.

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