Glade Cottage: Color Palette

The Glade has a color palette which I try to stick with as much as possible. Glade Cottage has its own color palette unlike the one of the main house in a couple ways.

First, because of the compact size of the cottage, the palette is limited.

Cottage Color Palette

 The walls are Siamese Eyes by Martha Stewart and  Templeton Grey by Benjamin Moore, the colors of the sky and sea.  Accents colors are more of a sandy color with some black, white and bold color splashes.

Second, while I use true blues in the house, the cottage blues have a bit of green in them, slightly aqua.

Below is a picture of the floating wall before we painted it and rearranged the furniture.

Front of floating wall - Before

 Below is a shot of the floating wall in Templeton Grey with the mate to the twin bed I reconditioned here. This bed is on my to do list, too. And the round, 3-tier table needs some love also. The standing lamp was shiny brass but I satin-nickeled it. (Can “satin nickel” be used as a verb???)

Templeton Grey on Floating Wall - After

I was hoping the tropical prints above the bed would be sort of beachy but they’re not bold enough, the color is wrong and they seem a little skimpy so I’m searching for something to replace them.

And here’s just a teaser of the main color, Siamese Eyes.

Siamese Eyes by Martha Stewart

 How’s your color scheming?

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