Ditchin’ Dutch

We’ve removed our old Dutch door from Glade Cottage.

Yours for the taking.

 It’s now in two pieces with no hardware on it but maybe someone would like to have it for a project.

photographs framed in a an old window

By Betsy Striepe



By Jeanne Szewczyk

You get the idea.  If you want my old Dutch door, top or bottom or both, you’re welcome to it.  Leave me a comment and I’ll try to hook you up.

3 responses to “Ditchin’ Dutch

  1. I’ll take it if you are anywhere close to me! I’m in VA.

  2. Oh, oh I’m interested in the door!!!! I live in Glen Burnie, but am in Virginia until tomorrrow night (Wed.) I so hope it’s still available. I wish I had seen this sooner since it’s 2pm and probably gone. If it’s not, please email me back and I will come and get it on Thursday. I have a cottage, too, and have been looking for one. Oh, I hope it can be mine!

  3. Thanks to everyone for the interest in the Dutch door. It has been given to the first person that contacted me. Jo

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