In the Chips

The neighbors had 2 trees chopped down. One was really tall and the other was really big. 

Two large dead oaks down

 The men worked on it all day trimming the limbs and chipping them up into a huge truck.  And Charlie asked what they would do with the chips.  And they asked him if he wanted them.  He said, “Yes.”

Truck of Chips

 So they backed that truck into the driveway at The Glade and tipped the holding bin to release the entire load of chips. (We had a pile of chips that was depleted early this year.)

Chip truck pulling forward

As the truck pulled forward more and more chips were added to the pile.

The truck is empty.

 And now we have an enormous chip pile in front of the cottage; totally FREE.

Chips in front of Cottage

 We use these chips in at least three applications:

  1. To cover the vegetable garden paths.
  2. To cover the path to the hose.
  3. To pave the paths that lead into the lower yard.

These projects are totally thrifty now that we have a HUGE pile of hardwood chips.  Yippee!

Sidebar:  Must start collecting old newspaper.

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