The little bedroom is officially painted. 

Yellow now, Pink soon

 The ceiling is painted here. And I applied 2 coats of Head-Over-Heels by Benjamin Moore to the walls.

Head Over Heels

 This is a very pretty color and goes great with the White Sage ceiling but it’s a color that changes depending on the light.  And as for pink, it’s very subtle. Love it.

Wall Color "Head-Over-Heels"


"Head-Over-Heels" on walls; "White Sage" on ceiling

 My shoulders ache, my hands hurt and this is the smallest room in the house.  The renovation has only begun; stamina, girl, stamina.

How about a little teaser; I also put down the rug.

Pink Room with Rug

 Slowly but surely. (Don’t worry about the large rectangular hole in the wall we have a register cover for it.) I didn’t know I would love pink so much!

I’m linking up to Metamorphosis Monday for the first time.

One response to “Head-Over-Heels

  1. I love that rug and the pink is very soothing, great choice!

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