Getting Started

Last week I was invited via email to Budeke’s (local paint store) Benjamin Moore Color Workshop on new spring colors.  I had been to two similar workshops and had a great time.

  • They have food when you arrive.
  • The seminar is well-planned and presented by a pro from Benjamin Moore corporate.
  • They give you a gift bag with gifts and coupons when you leave.

The actual seminar was last night but before it began I was ready to purchase my paint for the little bedroom project. I bought a gallon of “Head Over Heels” with a $5  coupon from the last seminar and a free sample pint of “Meditation” for a special project that I have in mind. Both of these colors are from the Affinity Colors line which, by the way, fan deck ($25 retail) was included in the gift bag.  The Affinity colors are special because any color of the 144 in the deck goes with any other color in the deck.

Affinity Fan Deck

 So today I can finally begin this long overdue project.

Are you getting started today?  What’s the project?

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