I Want One

One what?  An outdoor shower. I’ve been on a quest to figure out where to put it and what exactly it should look like.  If you visit my Pinterest site I’ve come up with the following inspirations.

This one is what I thought I could actually have.  Very basic, but nice on a hot summer day.


And then a comfortable but draining floor would be nice.

Perhaps a little privacy is in order.


Of course, then I saw this stylish beauty right at the front door. The placement doesn’t thrill me but the color and materials are awesome.


Maybe I could find a couple of tree stumps to use. (Who am I kidding, I could find dozens.)

Finally, I love this shower. I might want something like this in my future downstairs bathroom, but an outdoor shower in this color, with this rustic tile, and the well-draining floor, and a couple of tree stumps. Oooooh. Yes, please.


Make me jealous, do you have an outdoor shower? Does it run hot and cold? Is there anything to beware of when installing an outdoor shower?

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