Have Trailer, Will Store

A few years ago I bought a trailer to store our music equipment in: keyboards, speakers, cords, cables, mics, stands, booms, etc.  Since we have downsized the amount of equipment we carry and since we don’t actually have a vehicle that will pull a 6 foot by 10 foot trailer, it’s time for it to go.


My plan was to

  • have a yard sale,
  • then empty the trailer,
  • powerwash the trailer,
  • put the trailer on Craigslist and
  • wait for a phone call.

 But, last Sunday when we came home from church, there was a business card on our back door with a number suggesting if we were selling the trailer this person would be interested in buying it.

So I have spent the afternoon clearing out the trailer which had become a catchall for things we want to keep but just haven’t found a place for yet.

 This is my progress so far.

With half the trailer empty I am leaving the rest for Charlie to move out since the remainder of the boxes are either large or heavy or both. This is Charlie’s progress.

Trailer – Almost empty

 We’ll bring you up to date if this transaction does happen in the near future.  For the time being it is great just to get the trailer cleaned out.

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