Tour the 2nd Floor

Early in the genesis of this blog I showed you the ground floor seen here. Now we’ll go into a part of the house few visitors ever see, the second floor. The second floor in its present rendition has three bedrooms, one full bathroom, a laundry room and a hall.

2nd Floor Plan

As you go up the steps from the living room you’re standing at one end of the hallway (currently painted yellow) which links all the rooms together as opposed to the open floor plan of the downstairs.

The first room on the left is the laundry room which we began to remodel last year. It’s in a holding pattern now still needing the new closet to be enclosed and the trim installed. The new blue wall color is a keeper. Maybe one day I’ll write the story of the old laundry but I’m not sure I have any photos because it truly was horrible: plaster peeling off the walls, the 50-year old vinyl flooring peeling up from the floor, generally a dirty, crumby room.

Next heading clockwise is the only full bathroom in the house, a retro pink tile model with a sink, tub and toilet. It’s ironic that it’s a full bathroom since it’s actually very tiny. The wallpaper is Laura Ashley and the sink/vanity was installed circa 2000.

Pink Bathroom

Continuing our clockwise tour we come to the master bedroom. Here is a poorly laid out room that houses our king-size bed and little else. Two built-in closets make rearranging furniture difficult. I have taken down the curtains and most of the art in anticipation of the change that is going to take place soon, I hope. The present color is yellow but will change to blue after the renovation.

Master Bedroom

Farther down the hall is my favorite room in the house: the back bedroom also known as the Treetops Room. This is the only room that has enough space on an interior wall to place a bed. When you use that bed you peer right out the window at the trees and sky, lovely. The wall color is a soft green (approximately the color of the swatch in the 2nd row, 3rd color over here).

Treetops Bedroom

The final room on this floor is a very small bedroom (also yellow) which can hold only a single bed. It, too, has a built-in closet and houses our computer and peripherals. This room should not need to be disturbed during the renovation so it may be one of the first to get a new paint job. I think pink.

Little Bedroom

And that, my friends, is the second floor.

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