The Refreshening of Glade Cottage


Glade Cottage

While The Glade itself in is hankering for renovation, the scale of Glade Cottage makes for something I can actually do myself without the help of an architect or designer.

Recently we swapped out the sink for a vanity with a built in sink. The only snag was that we had to move a wall to get the new sink into the old bathroom but it was definitely worth it. And I haven’t mentioned yet that the new sink, vanity and all cost $30 on Craigslist.  Don’t you love it?  I also replaced the faucet with a (almost) new brushed nickel one also from Craigslist for $15.

Next I was getting ready to paint the interior but I inherited a lot of furniture and other items when my mother passed away last year so with no place to store them I am TEMPORARILY using the Cottage.

Outside Glade Cottage needs a new door, the trim painted, the screen door rescreened and painted.

Really, the whole exterior should be painted but I’m not sure I’m up for that this year. A couple of years ago I had a new roof installed and I myself put in a programmable thermostat.

Now in the winter I keep it set at 50 degrees so the pipes don’t freeze and burst like they’ve done in the past. Talk about a total mess and then after the clean up the repair is still on the list.

Anyway, hoping to have Glade Cottage ready for habitation by the middle of Summer, 2011. Do you know someone who would like to live out in the country but be close to town, then send ‘em our way.

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